Great Lists Equals Great Customers

Naples, FL – Led by George S. Richards, President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board,  Sempris, LLC is a marketing innovator in membership, direct mail, and social media-related disciplines.  Sempris specializes in providing companies with attractive and compelling consumer-centric marketing initiatives that grab customer attention. Sempris’ mailing lists are an excellent starting point… Read More Great Lists Equals Great Customers

Smart Perks Hitting Mailboxes Across the US

Naples, FL – George S. Richards, Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and President of Sempris, LLC  is excited to announce that the latest installment of Smart Perks is now hitting mailboxes across the US. Smart Perks is a premier direct-to-consumer savings package that provides select audiences a host of enticing promotions and savings… Read More Smart Perks Hitting Mailboxes Across the US

Sempris, LLC, Maintains PCI Data Security Standard Compliance

  With CEO George S. Richards at the helm, Minneapolis-based marketing services firm Sempris, LLC, crafts special sales campaigns for retailers throughout the United States. Committed to protecting its customers by using the best in security technology, Sempris, LLC, is compliant with the latest iteration of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard. The… Read More Sempris, LLC, Maintains PCI Data Security Standard Compliance

Inbound Call Center Upselling Tactics

Headed by senior executive George S. Richards, Sempris, LLC, delivers customer-focused marketing solutions for retailers in a range of industries. In addition to direct mail marketing and loyalty rewards programs, Sempris, LLC, works with inbound call centers. If trained properly, agents at inbound call centers can greatly increase revenue and sales. The following strategies can… Read More Inbound Call Center Upselling Tactics

Location-Based Advertising Strategies

  Sempris, LLC, leverages customer relationship marketing programs to maximize profits and increase brand loyalty and awareness for clients. Sempris, LLC, manages a diverse portfolio of consumer-centered marketing programs, ranging from direct mail services to location-based advertising campaigns. Location-based marketing draws on the GPS capability of mobile devices to offer consumers special discounts that are… Read More Location-Based Advertising Strategies