Great Lists Equals Great Customers

Naples, FL – Led by George S. Richards, President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board,  Sempris, LLC is a marketing innovator in membership, direct mail, and social media-related disciplines.  Sempris specializes in providing companies with attractive and compelling consumer-centric marketing initiatives that grab customer attention.

Sempris’ mailing lists are an excellent starting point for both digital and brick and mortar businesses to reach an engaged audience. In fact, Sempris’ mailing lists are designed to reach broad-based audiences and precision-driven niche markets alike as they are customizable to meet any marketing objective.

The New Home Owner list is focused on responsive consumers who are anxious to outfit their recently purchased homes. This list targets homebuyers between the ages of 25-55 years old and is represented equally by both men and women. The list appeals especially to companies that provide home-related products and services including home furnishings, telecom, pest control, and home improvement, among many others.

The Hotline Buyers list appeals to companies pursuing highly-active direct response consumers who engage through telecom, TV, email and social media channels. Hotline buyers respond to continuity programs, are over 50 years old and are evenly split between males and females. Hotline buyers’ average income is over $50,000.

According to Richards, “We pride ourselves on being able to provide our clients with lists that are of extremely high quality, are current, and affordable”.  Furthermore, Richards stated, “We have a high percentage of repeat list buyers and that tells us that our lists work and that’s proof positive that our efforts to build the best lists available is working.”

Call our sales team today at 952-683-8156 for more details on how our lists can work for your company.

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