Smart Perks Hitting Mailboxes Across the US

Naples, FL – George S. Richards, Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and President of Sempris, LLC  is excited to announce that the latest installment of Smart Perks is now hitting mailboxes across the US.

Smart Perks is a premier direct-to-consumer savings package that provides select audiences a host of enticing promotions and savings opportunities on everything from a buy one get 50% off on blinds from Three Day Blinds, 75% savings on meats from Omaha Steaks, and over $850 in free home security system savings from ADT and more. According to Richards, “Smart Perks is the epitome of what a direct mail package should be in that it provides consumers with products and services that they truly want and need.”

Smart Perks has been in the marketplace for over six years and is mailed on a quarterly basis to new homeowners and people with an affinity for shopping direct mail. If you or your company is interested in having a savings opportunity included in one of the next Smart Perks packages, please contact one of our new business sales representatives at 1-800-251-8869.

Sempris, LLC is a marketing services company that provides savings opportunities to millions of satisfied customers across the US. For more information about Sempris and Smart Perks please visit us at

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