Sempris Set to Launch Grocery Deals

Naples, FL – George S. Richards, President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Sempris, LLC is pleased to announce the launch of Grocery Deals a robust grocery coupon clipping program that features $1,000 in coupons, savings tips, and fabulous recipes.

Highly affordable and easy-to-use, Grocery Deals is another budget planning tool that helps consumers keep more of their hard-earned money for themselves with little to do on their part. According to Richards from his Naples, FL address, “Grocery Deals was developed for consumers who want to save money on groceries but may not have the time, desire or access printed coupons.” Furthermore, Richards states, “We wanted to offer folks an easy way to save on their weekly grocery budget at a budget-friendly price point and Grocery Deals fits the bill.”

Sempris, LLC is membership services marketing company that is dedicated to providing consumers with an assortment of intelligence-based savings programs that are not only easy-to-use but also provide an abundance of benefits that gives consumers savings that they can’t ordinarily get or even find on their own. 

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