Customer Support for Sempris, LLC

Sempris LLC
Sempris LLC

Minneapolis, Minnesota’s Sempris, LLC, was established in 1986 as a comprehensive marketing services provider. Above all else, Sempris, LLC, is dedicated to 100 percent customer satisfaction, with 92 percent of customer calls being resolved over the course of the first contact.

The company’s dedication to customer satisfaction has not gone unnoticed, as evident by the Sempris team’s ability to maintain long-term business relationships. Clients who have worked with the company over the course of several years have pointed out the organization’s ability to consistently maintain quality and value across a diverse range of savings programs. Clients have also enjoyed the company’s various incentive offerings, such as the Wheel O’ Deals program. Furthermore, many individuals and companies have praised the professionalism and program knowledge demonstrated by customer service personnel.

Lastly, customers have enjoyed and benefited from the organization’s attention to detail, as evidenced by the thorough review process Sempris, LLC, implements to determine whether or not a proposed direct marketing offer would be of value to a specific client. Businesses that have spoken out on behalf of the company’s services include Access Development, Payden and Company, LLC, ALC, Inc., and Continental Merchandisers, Inc., to name only a few.

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